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The Family's Guide to Middle School at Friends Academy

Take A Deep Dive into Middle School

Middle School is a time of phenomenal growth for young learners. It’s an extraordinary age with unique cognitive, social, physical, and academic experiences.

At this point in their lives, students are trying to balance the subjects they’re learning in class like pre-algebra, biology, and literature while at the same time figuring out their own identities. Who are they? What do they believe? How do they fit in? 

The Middle School program at Friends Academy is designed to guide students through these exciting challenges & questions. Our colleagues are experts in educational and emotional middle school adolescence and are passionate about creating a supportive environment where students can learn and grow.


challenges icon Challenges
The Unique Challenges Facing Middle School Students

Values-icon@2x Values
Quakerism: The Guiding Light at Friends Academy

Benefits-icon Experience
The Middle School Experience at Friends Academy

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How Middle School Students Prepare for Upper School and Beyond